2009 Fabulous Films for Young Adults

The Fabulous Films for Young Adults list identifies a body of films relating to a theme that will appeal to young adults ages 12-18 and is presented annually at the ALA Midwinter Meeting.

The 2009 Fabulous Films for Young Adults offers sixteen titles based on the theme “Coming of Age Around the World. The list includes films, both fiction and nonfiction, that deal with what it's like to come of age in different places and diverse cultures. 
Members of the Fabulous Films for Young Adults Committee are: Katherine Boyes, chair, Covington (Wash.) Library; Zahra M. Baird, Chappaqua (N.Y.) Library; Mary Burkey, Olentangy Local Schools, Powell, Ohio; Lynn Carpenter, Birmingham (Ala.) Public Library; Jacquelyn Caverly, Eden Prairie (Minn.) Resource Library; Susan Conlon, Princeton (N.J.) Public Library; Danielle Dreger, Seattle, Wash.; Jane Halsall, McHenry (Ill.) Public Library; Janet Hilbun, Texas Women’s University School of Library Studies, Denton; Melanie Metzger, Lone Star College Cyfair Branch, Cypress, Texas; Sarah Sogigian, Metrowest Massachusetts Regional Library System, Waltham; and Susan Wray, Joplin (Mo.) Public Library.

2009 Titles


10 Things I Hate About You. 97 min. Touchstone Home Video, DVD, $14.99. www.bventertainment.go.com
A modern retelling of William Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. With an all star cast this movie deals with the issues of peer pressure, parents’ expectations, and discovering where you fit in the world.

Bend It Like Beckham. 112 min. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, DVD, $14.99. www.foxstore.com 
Jess, a high school soccer star, struggles with finding herself and remaining true to her family’s strict orthodox Sikh beliefs.

Juno. 96 min. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, DVD, $28.98. www.foxstore.com
Faced with an unplanned pregnancy, a quirky sixteen-year-old makes an unusual decision regarding her unborn child in this witty comedy.

Love*Com. 100 min. Viz Pictures, DVD, $24.98. www.viz.com
Can tall girl and short boy ever overcome their height differences and not only become friends but boyfriend and girlfriend? Based on a Manga series, this romantic comedy from Japan explores relationships and acceptance in a unique format.

Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. 125 min. Walt Disney Home Entertainment, DVD, $29.99. http://home.disney.go.com/movies
This animated fantasy follows a young girl, Chihiro, who is trapped in a strange new world of spirits. When her parents undergo a mysterious transformation, she must call upon the courage she never knew she had to free herself and return her family to the outside world.

Osama. 83 min. MGM Home Entertainment, DVD, $14.98. www.mgm.com 
Being female in Taliban controlled Afghanistan is difficult, but when Osama’s mother decides to pass her off as a male, and her real identity is discovered, her life turns tragic. This is the first movie produced in Afghanistan after the defeat of the Taliban.

Superbad. 118 min. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, DVD, $28.95. www.sonypictures.com
Seth and Evan want nothing more than to get lucky before heading to college. With the help of their friend McLovin, they prepare for college life full of beer, girls, and facing life without each other.

Whale Rider. 101 min. Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, DVD, $14.94. www.sonypictures.com
Pai confronts the barriers of cultural roles, gender expectations, and generational conflict as she assumes the mantle of Maori leadership.


As Real as Your Life. 22 min. All Game Productions. $15.00. www.asrealasyourlife.com
Part documentary, part narrative, and part animation, As Real as Your Life chronicles one video game addict’s experiences and explores the personal and social repercussions of spending more time playing in the virtual world than in the real one.

The Boys of Baraka. 84 min. Loki Films, DVD, $29.99. www.lokifilms.com 
This documentary follows four twelve year-old at-risk boys as they go from inner city Baltimore to the experimental Baraka School in Kenya.

Devil’s Playground. 77 min. Wellspring Media, DVD, $24.98. www.geniusproducts.com 
This documentary follows four teens as they explore the Amish tradition of Rumspringa, a time when Amish teens experience the “English” world before deciding to join the church or not.

Dogtown and Z-Boys. 91 min. Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, DVD, $19.94. www.sonypictures.com
This documentary captures the heyday of skateboarding in the west Los Angeles surfing community known as Dogtown during the 1970’s. The film features quintessential skaters, known as the Z-Boys, who transformed the sport and popular culture.

The Heart of the Game. 98 min. Miramax, DVD, $21.99. www.heartofthegame.org
This documentary follows the Roosevelt Roughriders (Seattle, Washington) Girls
Basketball team and their unorthodox coach Bill Resler during six turbulent and inspiring seasons.

Invisible Children: Rough Cut. 112 min. Invisible Children, Inc., DVD, $10.00. www.invisiblechildren.com
Motivated by the war in Northern Uganda and the plight of the children who are its victims, three young American filmmakers shed light on this crisis through the power of documentary film to try to raise global awareness and action for change.

Persepolis. 95 min. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, DVD, $26.99. www.sonypictures.com
Based on the graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi, this animated feature chronicles the coming of age of a spirited young Iranian girl during the Islamic Revolution.

Shadya. 52 min. National Film Board of Canada, DVD, $248.00. www.nfb.ca  
The documentary of a seventeen year-old fighting for her place in the world and her own identity as she struggles with being a karate champion, daughter, wife, and an Israeli-Arab.