Sample Format: Committee Meeting Agenda

I. Call to Order
The chairperson announces the beginning of the meeting.

II. Roll Call
Check attendance, which may be done by (1) reading a list of members aloud; (2) having assigned seats; (3) passing around an attendance sheet; or (4) having someone sign people in and out at the door.

III.Approval of the Minutes of the Last Meeting
The appointed secretary or note-taker reads a summary of the last meeting.  If there any corrections or additions to the minutes.  If there are none, the minutes stand approved, or they stand approved as corrected if changes are made.

IV. Members’ Reports
Each committee member reports to the group the progress of any activities in which he/she
is involved. During reports, the members may solicit help from other members or give instructions to individuals.
V. Old Business
Old Business includes a question that was pending at the last session when it adjourned; any unfinished business that did not come up at the last session; or anything from the last session that was not completed.

VI. New Business
New items of business are in order at this time.

VII. Announcements
Announcements must be made before the meeting is adjourned.

VIII. Adjournment
Adjournment ends not only the meeting but also the session. The next time the committee convenes, it must start from the beginning of the agenda.