2017-2018 ALA Liaison

Amanda Barnhart is the ALA liaison to the following ALA committees/groups:

  • Accessibility Assembly
  • Advocacy Coordinating Group
  • Conference Committee
  • Conference Program Coordinating Team
  • Education Assembly
  • Freedom to Read Foundation
  • Intellectual Freedom Committee
  • Legislation Assembly
  • Literacy Assembly
  • Professional Ethics Committee
  • Website Advisory Committee

The liaison position is new in YALSA, and is meant to provide a means for strengthening ties between YALSA and ALA. Barnhart will serve as the YALSA representative to several ALA groups and committees, as well as attend meetings at the ALA Conferences to share and discuss news and issues on behalf of YALSA, and to identify opportunities for collaboration.

Barnhart will receive up to $1,000 in funds to support travel to and from the conferences and will serve as the liaison through July of 2018. Funds to support this effort come from Friends of YALSA. To learn more or to donate visit www.ala.org/yalsa/givetoyalsa/give