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At ALA's Annual Conference

Monday, June 30th, 2014, from 1:00-3:00 pm "A Burning Need to Know: How Passion Connects to Learning'

In this highly interactive program participants will be able to talk with connected learning coaches (librarians from schools, public libraries, and library schools) who will answer questions and facilitate discussion about how to bring the ideas of connected learning into the school and public library for and with teens.

Mondays in March E-Chats: During each Monday in March 2014, YALSA is holding a live discussion featuring a panel of speakers that will offer perspectives on various issues addressed in YALSA's report, "The Future of Library Services for and with Teens: A Call to Action”.

March 3: What's Next for Teen Services?: Connected Learning (recording)
Moderator: YALSA President, Shannon Peterson

Panelists: Mimi Ito & Crystle Martin

March 10: What's Next for Teen Services?: Literacies (recording)
Moderator: Jack Martin
Panelists: Ernie Cox, Renee Hobbs, & Marijke Visser

March 17: What's Next for Teen Services?: Librarians as Community Connectors & Education Facilitators (recording)
Moderator: YALSA President-elect, Chris Shoemaker
Panelists: Maureen Hartman, Peter Kirschmann, & K-Fai Steele

March 24: What's Next for Teen Services?: Cultural Competencies (recording)
Moderator: YALSA President, Shannon Peterson
Panelists: Janet Clark, Kafi Kumasi, & Vanessa Irvin Morris

March 31: What's Next for Teen Services?: Personal Learning Networks (recording)
Moderator: Jack Martin
Panelists: Linda Braun, Jan Chapman, & Sarah Ludwig