Mentorship Program

Are you a seasoned professional who would like to share your knowledge and experience with a new video librarian or student VRT member? Or, are you a new media librarians looking for guidance?  If so, we invite you to take part in VRT's new mentorship program.

As the concept of "video" continues to morph and expand within the information environment, The American Library Association's Video Round Table (ALA /VRT) recognizes its special role as being exceptionally familiar with these challenges. Media librarians face the immediate effects of these significant changes, often while working solo, without formalized training. As such, VRT seeks to support active mentoring, by encouraging new talent and offering opportunities to share expertise and seek support- acknowledging the ultimate impact of mentorship as a professional development tool for both new and experienced librarians.

The Video Round Table is beginning a new and exciting Mentorship program! 
Those participating in the Mentoring Program may include these topics and more:

  • Offer new video librarians an opportunity to speak informally with a professional in their chosen field
  • Give insight on what you have learned from personal career experiences
  • Share knowledge of trends and options within media librarianship
  • Assist in developing and implementing professional plans
  • Improve communication and networking techniques
  • Provide access to a job-related network communicate on a consistent basis as decided by both you and the mentee
  • Answer questions about VRT, the conference, and how to make the most of the conference;
  • Attend a session, roundtable, and/or exhibits together;
  • Introduce newcomers to people at the conference


Other opportunities for interacting may include meeting face-face, and socializing at the VRT dinner.

If you are interested in becoming a VRT Mentor or Mentee, please fill out & submit the application form below.

Matches will be made as quickly as possible, so you can plan a time to meet well before ALA and maybe even arrange to meet there.  Mentors should be VRT members, prepared to share their experiences with VRT, tips for navigating the ALA Conference, as well as more general information about the profession, according to their mentee's interests.

While we have many student VRT members, our priority will be to match Mentors with new librarians first.  If we are fortunate enough to have enough Mentors, we will offer the privilege to student members.