2015 Annual Program Proposal Information

Video Round Table (VRT) at 2015 Annual Conference

Program Proposal Information

VRT is now accepting program proposals for the 2015 ALA Annual Conference, June 25-30 in San Francisco, Calif. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please complete the online form and follow the instructions below.

Video Round Table Program Proposal Form

•    Participants attending VRT programs are seeking valuable educational experiences and audience engagement.

•    The deadline for proposals is Monday September 1, 2014. Participants will be notified of proposal acceptance by email on or before September 20, 2014.

•    You will receive an email confirmation from the Program Coordinating Committee Chair after submitting your proposal. Contact the Program Committee Co-Chair Debra Mandel if you do not receive acknowledgement before the deadline date. Late proposals will not be considered.

•    Proposals that are largely commercial sales pitches or that focus only one particular product will not be accepted.  

Filling out the Proposal Form

To submit your program proposal please use the online form. The form cannot be saved, therefore once you have entered your information you must submit it; you cannot enter information and come back to it later. Information that has been submitted cannot be updated.  

Proposed Program Title and Description

Your title and description should catch the attention of your intended audience. The maximum length of the program description is 100 words.


List an ALA unit or division that you would like to co-sponsor the program in name only, if any. This is an endorsement of your program by the other ALA units or affiliates who have members that would benefit from your program topic. Provide the name of a contact person from the proposed co-sponsor.

Program Organizer

Enter the name of the one person who will be responsible for organizing the program. The Program Committee co-chairs will communicate with this person. If the contact person should change prior to the Program Committee reaching a decision, please contact Program Committee Co-Chair Debra Mandel to submit a new contact person’s name.

Goals & Learning Outcomes

Please describe the goals and objectives of your program. What information and outcomes will the attendees learn and take away?

Target Audience and Estimated Audience Size

Indicate who will benefit from attending this program and the expected audience size. Your target audience should be a guide in estimating the size of your audience. Meeting room space is assigned based on this number.  Attendees may be employed in urban, suburban and rural areas. They may work at public, private, school, or special libraries and may include working librarians, educators, review editors, students, and retirees. 

Program Day and Time

Select from the drop down menu a preferred day and time. Flexibility is important; times can not be guaranteed but we ask that you list your preference. Saturday and Sunday afternoon times are the most requested. Options include: 8:30 - 10 am; 10:30 - 11:30 am; 1 - 2:30 pm; 3 - 4 pm; and 4:30 - 5:30 pm.  

Audio Visual Equipment

Request only equipment that you will use, as ALA incurs costs for every item requested.  

If a computer/laptop will be needed for the presentation, please note if you will be providing your own. Presenters are encouraged to use their personal laptop to avoid the unfamiliarity and unreliability of rented computers. Rented laptop computers are loaded with Windows XP, MS Office (includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint), Acrobat Reader, Internet Explorer, CD-ROM and mouse.

An Internet connection must be requested separately, and will be approved only if it is necessary for the execution of the presentation.

Podium microphones, table microphones, standing microphones and wired lavalier microphones are standard options. ALA will pay for one microphone for every two people. Wireless lavalier microphones and speakers for the presenter’s laptop are extremely costly and approval for use must be negotiated by the Program Committee Co-Chairs and the VRT Board. Use of a wireless microphone must be integral to the execution of the program. Any equipment not requested in your program proposal cannot be approved after the program has been accepted. 

Speaker/Program Related Expenses

In accordance with ALA practice, VRT and ALA members, and non-member librarians may not receive payment for programs presented at the Annual Conference. This includes honoraria, reimbursements for expenses related to travel, and registration fees. 

Honoraria and expenses for other presenters must be approved by the Program Committee in consultation with the VRT Board prior to program approval. VRT has limited funds available to support programming at Annual. If funds are needed, please indicate amount and reason for need. We cannot promise that program funds will be available.