Archived Copies of 'Ask a Trustee'

Click on the links below to open PDF files of "Ask a Trustee," a column written by Shirley Lang, former Trustee at Syosset (N.Y.) Public Library, that originally appeared in The Voice. Right click to save the files to your computer.

A-B-C; Do-Re-Mi
(Library Services; Posting Board Meeting Minutes)

It's the Law; Blueprint
(Open Meeting Laws; Agendas)

Silence is Golden; Trash or Treasure
(References; Gift Policies)

It's a Circus; Crash, Bam, Alakazam
(Meeting Structure; Director/Trustee Communication)

By Train or By Plane; Jackpot
(Conferences/Reimbursement; Library-Sponsored Trips)

April Showers; Separation of Power
(New Technology; Staff Negotiations)

The Money Keeps Rolling; Wheels and Deals; Mushrooms
(Checks and Balances; Reimbursement; Patron Lawsuits)

A New Face; A Police Matter?
(Hiring a New Director; Allegations of Criminal Activities)

Bending the Rules
(Ethics and Conflicts of Interest)

Trouble in River City
(A Controlling Board President)

How Much for a Cup of Coffee?
(Trustee/Director Dynamics)

Follow the Yellow Brick Road
(Trustees as Library Volunteers)

A Solid Investment
(Board Unity)

Brims, Bonnets & Baseball Caps
(Trustee Orientation)

Tick Tock, Watch the Clock
(Limits of Individual Trustees)

When is Two Cents Worth Too Much?
(Meeting Procedures)

Blue Skies; Strings
(Exhibits Policies; Restricted Gifts)

If the Shoe Fits...; My Fair Lady
(Leadership; Newsletters)

Red Light, Green Light; A Loose Cannon
(Policies; Limits of Individual Trustees)

Behind Closed Doors; Cleaning Up a Dirty Word
(Open Meetings; Micromanaging)

Painting, Plumbing and Other Problems; Let the Sunshine In
(Conflicts of Interest; Open Meeting Laws)

Who's Minding the Store?
(Limits of Individual Trustees)

Make Everyone a Winner
(Collective Authority)

Sticks & Stones; If You Can't Stand the Heat; Sticker Shock
(Meeting Room Policies; Trustee Ethics; Employee Benefits)

Who Am I?; Weights & Measures
(Role of the Trustee; Evaluating the Director)

A GPS for the Board; Choices; Busybody
(Board Policies; Open Seats on the Board; Board Oversight)

Play By the Rules; Bits and Bites and Sleepless Nights
(Bylaws and Policies; Construction and Renovation)