Advocacy & Public Awareness

United for Libraries is collecting resources to help Friends Groups and Foundations create effective public awareness and advocacy materials. The materials available here can be edited to create materials appropriate for your library.

Power Guide logoNEW! Power Guide for Successful Library Advocacy

United for Libraries, along with the Neal-Schuman Foundation, believe strongly that advocacy can and does work.  We’ve seen evidence of it from coast to coast in all types of libraries at the local and the state levels. Developing an advocacy campaign, as you will soon see, is not rocket science but it does take dedication, hard work, a core group of people who are passionate about the cause and the support of many, many people in your community.  This guide will take the mystery out of advocacy, provide you with an organized step-by-step approach, and allow you to develop a set of strategies that will motivate your community to pressure funders to support the library or in the case of a referendum or a bond issue – to vote “yes.”

Making Our Voices Heard: Citizens Speak Out for Libraries

This guide will take you and your group through the advocacy process step-by-step. The PowerPoint presentations will tell you how to engage in advocacy for your local library. The first three files are PowerPoint; the workbook is PDF. Click on the file to be prompted to open or save to your computer.

It's Time to Thrive

To help educate politicians -- and voters! -- on the full scale of how a library benefits its community, the Norfolk Public Library in Norfolk, VA developed this flyer. Distributed widely in the community, this list shows how libraries support our community through basic literacy and more. See the flyer and suggestions for using it in your community.

Public Service Announcements

Check out sample Public Service Announcements (PSA's). Use them as a guide to create PSA's tailored to your library, its programs and services, and your community.