The Expats by Chris Pavone

The ExpatsKate Moore is a mother, a wife, a friend, and a spy for the CIA. Her position is so confidential and top secret that even her husband, Dexter, is unaware of her “real” work — he thinks she holds down a job with the state department that just happens to require frequent global travel. When Dexter is offered a high paying job in Luxemburg that would allow him more time with the family, Kate realizes she has the chance to do something she’s subconsciously wanted to do for sometime — quit.

Together the family moves to Europe, and Kate is able to spend more time with her children. While it is clear that Dexter is making a very large salary, Kate is distressed to realize that he is gone from home far more often, and for longer periods. He seems to become more and more distant.

Adding to the marital stress is the fact that Kate is sure she is being watched. Her new friend and neighbor in Luxemburg is clearly not all she appears to be, and in time, Kate even begins to believe that her husband is keeping secrets.

Chris Pavone has written a debut thriller of the first order. Taut with subterfuge, suspicious characters, and events that just don’t seem quite right, this is a story that has Kate charging across the continent using her skills as a secret agent to get to the bottom of... well, she’s just not sure. This is a rousing read that is impossible to put down.

Crown/Random House; ISBN 978-1-30795-635-4; $26.

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