Princess Elizabeth’s Spy by Susan Elia MacNeal

Princess Elizabeth's SpyDuring World War II, credible intelligence is be­ing leaked from German sources that the King and Queen of England might be assassi­nated. Their heir, Princess Elizabeth, is to be kid­napped, making way for the more sympathetic Duke of Windsor to ascend the throne. Having left his kingdom to marry his beloved Wallis Simpson, the Duke and his wife, indeed, have high level connections to the Third Reich.

In order to save Princess Elizabeth from a possible assault on Buckingham Palace, she and her sister Margaret have been removed to Windsor Castle for safe keeping. Knowing how news leaks out during wartime, Prime Min­ister Winston Churchill decides to dispatch undercover spy, Maggie Hope, to Windsor with the ostensible job of tutoring the princess in math.

Upon her arrival at Windsor Castle, Maggie soon learns that little is what it appears to be and that she is not the only one covering up a secret. Clues and innuendo abound and Mag­gie must make some very weighty deci­sions based on shaky knowledge and educated guesses.

Whom can she trust and whom should she fear? The answer is never quite clear, and lives are at stake as is England’s future.

Readers will love this unusual and fallible sleuth making her second trip undercover on behalf of Britain’s MI-Five (see MacNeal’s Mr. Churchill’s Secretary). Princess Elizabeth’s Spy is a terrific read for those who enjoy history, espio­nage, and intrigue.

Bantam Books/Random House; ISBN 978-0-55359-362-4; $15.

Princess Elizabeth's Spy

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