MWF seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche

MWF seeking BFFWhen Rachel Bertsche first moves to Chicago with her new husband, she finds herself missing the friends she left behind, and wondering if and how she can make new friends in her new city. As a solution to this problem, she decides she will find a way to make 52 new friends in as many weeks. She’s not exactly sure how in the beginning, but she is determined.

Happily for the reader, she takes us with her on her quest. The book, divided into four parts (matching the seasons), begins with Rachel using connections to meet new people — friends of friends — by inviting them on “girl dates.”

As the book progresses, so do her methods of meeting people, including using social media, “speed frienddating,” friend consultants, and simply striking up conversations with folks in her neighborhood and asking if they’d like to go for coffee. This is one bold and determined young woman.

Cheered on by her husband (who must be the most tolerant man in the world — remember their marriage is brand new, and she’s heading out on friend dates many nights a week), Rachel begins sorting through the girls she’s met to see if any one of them might become her new best friend.

An uncommon memoir, MWF seeking BFF is perfect for women’s book clubs. Not only are readers granted “fly on the wall” status on Rachel’s dates, we are offered much to contemplate and discuss about the meaning of friendship and the role it plays in our lives.

Ballantine Books/Random House; ISBN 978-0-34552-494-2; $15.

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