Little Princes by Conor Grennan

Little PrincesConor Grennan decided to give up his job at age 29 to travel the globe. In an effort to “sell” his plans as something more than mere self-indulgence, he made plans to spend time at the beginning of his trip volunteering at an orphanage in Nepal. It was to be a three-month gig, but he fell in love with the children.

It wasn’t long before Conor learned that the children were not in fact orphans, but had been kidnapped from their homes in a Nepalese village by a con artist who convinced parents that he could keep them safe from Maoist rebels who were conscripting children for service in their army. For a price, usually everything the family could scrape together, he promised to watch over them in Katmandu.

It was with reluctance that Conor left after his stint in order to complete his world travels. When he returned home, he found he couldn’t get the children out of his mind. He struggled with what he might do to help them, and then it hit him — he’d try to reunite these children with their families. After setting up a nonprofit to support his efforts, he put in every effort possible to raise the money needed.

In time, Conor returned to Katmandu and reunited with the children. Next begins an incredible adventure that will have readers on the edge of their seats and shaking their heads in utter amazement and disbelief.

In addition to being a first-rate adventure story, this is a story of incredible compassion, will, and selflessness that is sure to have book clubs talking for years to come.

Random House; ISBN 978-0-38534-414-2; $15.
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