The Girl with a Clock for a Heart by Peter Swanson

The Girl with a Clock for a HeartTwenty years ago, George had a brief but deeply involving affair during his college freshman year with a woman he knew as Audrey. But after he learns that she’s commit­ted suicide over the holiday break, he finds that the Audrey who died is not the Audrey he knew. After waiting long years in the hopes of hearing from his “Audrey” (who turns out is actually named Liana), he gives up hope of ever hearing from her or seeing her again.

Then one day while having a drink with some time lover and full-time friend, Irene, he sees Liana sitting on a stool at his neighborhood bar. This can’t be a coincidence; she obviously has come to see him. Indeed, Liana has found herself in a bit of trouble and has come to George for help. It seems she has stolen money from an ex-lover who is after her, and she needs someone to return it to him so she can remain safe.

George, who has never really got­ten over her, agrees to do it. But things are not what they seem and soon George is fighting for his life. Who is Liana really and what’s her true rela­tionship to the man from whom she’s stolen the money? As this twisting tale unravels, we find that almost nothing is as it appears, and George wants to get to the bottom of it.

A true page-turner, this book is excellent for its exciting plot and its unusual look at love.

William Morrow/HarperCollins; ISBN 978-0-06226-750-4; $14.99

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