Dear Daughter by Elizabeth Little

Dear DaughterJanie Jenkins has spent 10 years in prison for kill­ing her mother. The thing is, she’s not sure whether or not she did. The night of the gruesome event is nothing but a blur in her memory, and the only thing she remembers are snatches of a rough and angry conversation between her mother and an unknown and unseen male. Nevertheless, all the scientific and circumstantial evidence strongly points to her having done it.

When Janie is given an unexpected reprieve due to mishandling by forensic technicians of the DNA in the case, Janie has just one goal in mind — to find her mother’s killer, even if it is her. While in prison, she conducted intense research on her mother, which was not hard to do since her mother was an extremely wealthy and notorious socialite. Janie’s research indicates that her mother may well have grown up in a small South Dakota town.

 With the paparazzi hot on her trail (what a great story — a socialite’s daughter released on a technicality!) and a blogger bent on revenge (if not through the justice system, perhaps on his own), Janie makes her way to Ad­elaide, S.D., where she begins to mingle and socialize with the town-folk in the solitary hope of uncovering the truth.

Told mostly from Janie’s sharp wit­ted, snappy, and sarcastic viewpoint, with the occasional press release and blog posting thrown in, this page turn­er will give book clubs much to discuss regarding love, hate, revenge, and the frailties of our justice system.

Viking/Penguin; ISBN 978-0-67001- 638-9; $26.95.

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