City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte

City  of Dark MagicWhen Beethoven scholar Sarah Westin is invited to go to Prague to help create, authenti­cate, and curate a collection of Beethoven’s work, she is thrilled. Not only will she get her hands on some of the most im­portant work in the composer’s oeuvre, she will be joining her mentor/teacher there as well.

As it happens, however, her men­tor dies from a fall shortly before she arrives, and the matter is chalked up to suicide. Sarah can’t believe that. It’s unlikely that the man she knew and re­spected would do such a thing. Surely there’s more to it, and she intends to find out what as she works in the castle that will hold a long line of royal Lob­kowicz treasures as a museum.

Before long, Sarah is working alongside Max, one of the last in a long lineage of Lobkowicz to find out where various clues are pointing — which is, in fact, to a famous U.S. senator. Through tunnels, across bridges, and even across time, the duo work against the clock to save the threatened mu­seum and themselves.

In short, this is like a very sophis­ticated Nancy Drew mystery if psyche­delic drugs, raging hormones, a 400 year old dwarf, and time travel had been involved. A rollicking good read that members of any book club will hate to see come to an end. Happily, a sequel is already in the works.

Penguin; ISBN 978-0-14312-268-5; $16.

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