The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell

The Bone ClocksAcross time and across the globe, Holly, our heroine, takes us on a mind-bending, genre-twisting, surreal journey. Holly, who has always had paranormal leanings, finds herself fully in­volved in the psychic world when she leaves home following a fight with her mother.

The world Holly enters is one rife with otherworldly figures and their en­emies. It’s almost as if this novel takes the reader inside an extravagant video game in an imaginative, dangerous, creative, and even three-dimensional underworld. In this world, an unnatu­ral disappearance becomes reality and leaves a mystery that remains unsolved but never forgotten.

As Holly passes through life, the mystery haunts not only her but those in her life both in the present and in the future. Author David Mitchell is often praised for taking the novel into brand new territory and this novel only furthers that reputation. Publishers Weekly (which gave the book a starred review) said “Is The Bone Clocks the most ambitious novel ever written, or just the most Mitchell-esque?... From gritty realism to far-out fantasy, each section has its own charm and surpris­es. With its wayward thoughts, chance meetings, and attention to detail, Mitchell’s novel is a thing of beauty.”

Book clubs that love literary fic­tion and novelists who expertly push all boundaries of genre and fiction will love this book, and will no doubt spend hours teasing out the various paths it takes.

Random House; ISBN 978-1-40006- 567-7; $30.

The Bone Clocks: Reader's Guide

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