Archetype by M.D. Waters

ArchetypeA compli­cated love story, a futuristic medi­cal thriller, and a slowly unfolding mystery — this novel has it all. From the very be­ginning our hero, Emma, struggles with memories lost and slowly found again. Though she is dogged by the belief that she is missing something important in what is lost, what she does know is that she is married to one of the most powerful men in the coun­try and they are deeply in love.

Why then, do dreams recur for her showing her in the arms of another man, a man she can’t see but feels is somehow real when she awakes? And why does another man she’s never met before seem so familiar when he shows up to the gallery opening of her beauti­ful artwork?

These are questions central to this wildly imaginative book as are ques­tions about how far we should take medical advances even when we can, whether it is remotely possible that women could ever become second class citizens again in a highly civilized and sophisticated world, and whether or not humankind can ever truly prevail over nature for good or ill.

A Stepford Wives for the 21st century, this novel is impossible to put down and is a mind-blowing trip for­ward in time. Book club readers will find themes large and small to discuss and debate, and will no doubt be hap­pily looking forward to its sequel.

Plume/Penguin; ISBN 978-0-14218-114-0; $16.

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