Adam & Eve by Sena Jeter Naslund

Adam and Eve book coverWhen Lucy loses her husband to a terrible accident, she is left with a flash drive and the suggestion that he’s been murdered. Lucy’s husband was a famous and brilliant astrophysicist who discovered solid evidence of extraterrestrial life and is about to announce it to the world. Because the flash drive that Lucy wears contains all this information, she believes that she too is in danger.

Shortly after her husband dies, Lucy’s friend and anthropologist Pierre Saad discovers a vessel that contains writings, tens of thousands of years old, that provide an alternative to the book of Genesis. As Lucy is flying off to share these discoveries with the scientific world, her plane crashes and she finds herself in a sort of Eden being taken care of by a former soldier, Adam, who has been tortured by the enemy and left to die.

What ensues is Lucy and Adam’s full recovery and return to the “civilized” world. There they meet again with Pierre and his daughter. Together they work to understand the meaning of the alternative book of Genesis, while all the while being pursued by religious extremists who don’t want either discovery to be made public.

This transcendent novel warns about the dangers of dogma, especially considered against reason, tolerance, and what is knowable. This is terrific literary fiction that will stretch the minds of its readers and offer much for discussion.

William Morrow/HarperCollins; ISBN 978-0-06157-928-8; $15.99

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