Promotion and Celebration Ideas for Friends Groups

Tips From United for Libraries

Download the sample proclamation, tailor it to your community or campus, and ask the mayor, principal, or president of the college to sign.

  • Place copies of the proclamation (public or academic) in visible places in the library.
  • Reprint the proclamation in the Friends' and/or library newsletter.
  • Place a copy of the proclamation on the Friends' and/or library website.

Plan a membership drive to coordinate with National Friends of Libraries Week.

  • Place a special display in the library's lobby (main and branches) that includes copies of your membership brochure. Make it creative and fun and tell the story of the Friends through pictures and props.
  • Schedule volunteers to staff the table or display during busy times at the library. Be sure to recruit outgoing volunteers who are willing and able to "sell" the Friends. Hand out membership brochures, and consider offering a membership "special" with a reduced rate, 15 months for the price of 12, or a special drawing for those who join during a specified time.

Contact the newspaper about a feature article about your Friends group and all the great work you have done on behalf of your library.

  • Download the sample press release and add information about your group.
  • Highlight your programs, money donated to the library, number of volunteer hours, etc. - anything that helps to paint the picture of how your group supports the library.
  • Create a photo opportunity in advance of or during National Friends of Libraries Week. A picture of the Friends receiving a proclamation from the Mayor or City Council can be submitted to the local newspaper, included on the Friends' website and can be reprinted in your newsletter.


Good Ideas from the Network: Friends


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