ALTAFF Division Committees

Annual Conference Program Committee

To develop, coordinate and implement programs sponsored by ALTAFF at Annual Conferences that specifically address, both collectively and separately, the issues and concerns of library Trustees, Friends of Libraries and Library Foundations; to receive conference program requests and review them for adherence to established procedures, elimination of duplications, and budgets.  To submit program requests along with the committee’s recommendations to the ALTAFF Board for approval. Chair: Tanya Butler

President's Events Committee

To plan the ALTAFF president’s events including the President’s Reception at Midwinter and the President’s Program at Annual Conference and any attendant fundraising activities. Co-Chairs: Kim Johnson and Gwendolyn Bowen Welch

Legislation, Advocacy & Intellecual Freedom Committee

To work closely with the ALA’s Office for Library Advocacy, Washington Office, and Office of Intellectual Freedom to identify and encourage library advocates and ALTAFF member response to library legislation and issues of intellectual freedom. To promote national legislative action as needed on the ALTAFF list-serve; to write appropriate articles and press releases for ALTAFF newsletter and website; to advise the Annual Conference Program Committee on appropriate programs for legislation, intellectual freedom, and advocacy – especially those that are co-sponsorship opportunities with the Office for Library Advocacy, the Office for Intellectual Freedom, and other ALA Divisions and Units as appropriate. Co-Chairs: Joan Ress Reeves, Debbie Miller, and Sherman Banks

Newsletter & Website Advisory Committee

To monitor the ALTAFF website and newsletter, The Voice, for quality of content and design; to solicit articles of interest to membership; to make recommendations to ALTAFF staff for website development and use; and newsletter content and structure. Chair: Dave Hargett

Nominating Committee

To promote and publicize leadership opportunities in ALTAFF. To prepare an ALTAFF slate for the positions of President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer; Division Councilor; one At-Large Trustee section member; one At-Large Friend section member; and one At-Large Foundation section member for ALTAFF Board approval and inclusion in the ALA election ballot. To recommend to the Board three At-Large Corporate Friends section members to place on the ballot as a slate of three for membership to the Board. Chair: Peggy Danhof

PLA Conference Program Committee

To develop and submit programs to the PLA National Conference Committee that will specifically address the issues and concerns of library Trustees, Friends and Foundations; to implement such programs upon PLA approval and acceptance of these submittals. These committee members serve a two-year term.   Co-Chairs: Gail Griffin and Margie Schuster

ALTAFF Leaders Orientation Committee

To design an Annual Conference program for all incoming ALTAFF leader volunteers that will assist them in their work on behalf of ALTAFF and further their understanding of the ALTAFF division and its policies and procedures. Chair: Terry Higgins

Regional Development Committee

To develop and vet materials that regional representatives of ALTAFF can use in each state and/or region for the education of Trustees and Friends at the state and local levels; to appoint and train ALTAFF members to act as ALTAFF representatives in each state to ensure that these materials are made available at the state and local levels. Chair: Claire Gritzer


ALTAFF members may access the roster of ALTAFF committee members in PDF format. If you are a member of a committee you can interact with other members of your committee in ALAConnect.