Election Candidate: Alec Charles McFarlane

Alec Charles McFarlane  Alec Charles McFarlane

   Candidate for Friend at Large




Current Position:

President, Library for Deaf Action (LDA), Silver Spring, maryland

Previous Positions:

President, New Image Associates Construction Consultants (NIA), 1993 to Present
President, National Literary Society of the Deaf (NLSD). 2013 - Present
President, Deaf Library Friends of Puerto Rico (DLF:PR), 2008-2010

ALA and/or ALA-APA Activities:

ALA; ASCLA SIG Leader; "Bridging Deaf Cultures @ Your Library" since 2012
ALA; ACRL; Universal Accessibility Interest Group since 2013

Offices held in state/regional library associations, and other associations:

National Association of the Deaf (NAD);  Silver Spring. MD. Library Friends Section Member and Delegate to NAD Conference, July 2012
ASL Access (ASLA); Alexandria, Virginia. Administrative Board Member since 2012
Friends of the Library for Deaf Action (FOLDA); Silver Spring, MD, Vice-President of the Board since 2010
National Literary Society of the Deaf (NLSD); Silver Spring, MD, President since 2013

Major Accomplishments:

Member of the first Maryland state Task Force (TF) for the creation of the Deaf Cultural Digital Library (DCDL) in 2011; an advocacy and lobbying effort that lead to two bills in the Maryland General Assembly in 2012 to create the DCDL.  This bill would be amended to establish another Task Force to study cost and structure, and the governor would appoint me to this TF.  This effort has shown both the need and the want for something similar to the DCDL and has given me both state and federal exposure to the political and organizational system of government as well as dealings with multiple Organizations Serving the Deaf (OSD's). I believe that both governance and outreach improvements tied to the Library Friends concept are important in moving these OSD's forward and achieving legislative victory across the country; and this is part of Transforming Our Libraries Ourselves at the grassroots level.

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Statement of Professional Concerns/Aspirations if Elected:

The idea that we must Transform Our Libraries Ourselves is a banner, a motto that I believe in: the only constant is change.  Complacency is the enemy of progress and change, and further disruptive change is something of a buzzword nowadays.  My approach is rather radical and disruptive in that I will show that the deaf community is represented in every corner of the earth, and further that their revival is our collective revival. The matter of Advocates, Friends, Foundations, and Trustees working in tandem with nonprofits across the country will be one of the single most important factors in the future of American libraries.  The question of new blood, new members, and the celebration and preservation of our knowledge and history knows no bounds: I want to work towards means that not only revive OSD's. but that bring communities together at the library.  United is the place to be.

Member of ALA since: