ALA Planning Resources

Published by the AASL and Britannica Digital Learning, A Planning Guide for Empowering Learners is an online program assessment and planning module for school libraries
This archive consists of records which have been especially selected for permanent or long-term preservation due to their enduring planning and research value.
In this new workshop, 2012 Library Journal Movers & Shakers Matthew Moyer and Andrew Coulon will show how your library can build a modern collection for a modern audience, with a close look at how physical and digital collections can complement each other.
Friends groups and Foundations are more critical than ever in providing support for libraries. Learn about the roles and responsibilities of each of these fundraising organizations including best practices for each and their distinct activities. This on-demand webinar addresses how to build strong relationships between the two organizations and covers topics such as building strong boards, the different fundraising activities for Friends and Foundations, the role of advocacy, and the importance of maintaining good communications with your library director.
With the new reality of tighter budgets and strained finances, libraries are stepping up to find new (and more) ways to effectively expand their sources of revenue. For many, it’s hard to know where to start. This PLA on-demand webinar is designed to offer an introduction to the best practices in fundraising for libraries and library organizations.
Strategic planning can be a galvanizing experience for any library, and, for public libraries, it all starts with digging deep and understanding your community. Today’s fiscal uncertainties challenge library leadership to put reliable information to the best possible use—for services, collection development, outreach, facilities, technology, fundraising, marketing, advocacy, and more.
The first step of library growth and support organization success is forming a good plan. This on-demand webinar focuses on the importance of having a plan and how to get started developing one. Instructor Sue Hall discusses Rapid Results Planning, which is a stakeholder-driven process that can lead to great results. Learn who should participate in strategic planning, what today’s strategic plan looks like, and how to implement a strategic plan. From the Friends and Foundation side, development planning is the best way to ensure that your organization establishes and achieves its goals.
Summary: This webinar will present library service inquiry methods, including planning steps and models, to help you start to develop your next library service plan. It will define opportunities that should be on your radar and offer strategies to get started. This program will also provide you with a framework to analyze your library and the services you offer.
This webinar will focus on what library leaders need to know in order to create and showcase multimedia spaces and services as assets to the Library and to the community/campus.
Library building projects leave a legacy for decades, with one chance to get it right. Those with access to a trustworthy expert who can explain the process in step-by-step terms will have the best chance to make their projects succeed.
If your heart starts to palpitate at the thought of writing a marketing plan, this on-demand webinar will help ease the pain. You’ll learn which steps in a marketing plan are critical to success and get to know the difference between marketing, promotion, publicity, outreach, and public relations so that you can clearly communicate your goals. Find out how to combine market research, a target audience, customized messages, and strategic outreach into a knockout plan, all while incorporating your library’s special brand and importance to the community.
A classic resource, Planning for Results has long served to help public librarians envision, evaluate, and respond to community needs with distinctive programs and services.
Links to the ALA Strategic Plan and a page describing how the ALA budget is developed and implemented.
Librarians increasingly manage complex projects - both within their libraries and across departments - as well as in collaborative efforts in the community, on grants, and with other units on campus. This webinar will present the concepts of project management and will demonstrate how they have been used for successful implementation of specific library projects.