Summer Reading Lists

"What should my kids read over the summer?" is a common question at this time of year.  With school letting out for the summer break, teachers and parents alike are searching for reputable lists of books for their students and children.  First, check with your local public library, which often has a summer reading program.

Summer reading programs have been around since the late 1800s, and have proven successful in attracting children to libraries during the summer months. Research shows that kids who keep the reading habit through the long vacation do better when they return to school. While ALA does not set themes for reading programs, we do have a wide range of resources for you to tap into. Themes can be locally developed, sometimes on a statewide basis, with a number of states cooperating on common themes, for children, young adults, and adults.

For book suggestions and reading lists, see the Summer Reading Lists section of ALA Library Fact Sheet 17 - Library Summer Reading Programs.

Also see the web page compiled by this office, which has links to ALA's various annual reading lists and lists of literary award winners, sorted by age group, at ALA Library Fact Sheet 23 - Recommended Reading.