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Resources for all librarians interested in research, research examples and journals to read to keep abreast of current research on libraries.


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The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) Home Page

The home page highlights the mission of IMLS which is to promote education and innovation. IMLS also provides leadership in grant making and areas of national interest.

State of America's Libraries 2014

The American Library Association's review of major trends and issues facing libraries in the past year.

Library Book and Trade Almanac

The comprehensive book is a reference tool that includes statistical information, key trends, developments, new legislation, key organizations and more.

Program Evaluation and Planning Resources

From the University of Wisconsin, a guide to help plan useful program evaluation plans.

Practical Research Examples

The Public Library Research Programme in the Republic of Ireland. By: Kelly, Annette. Library & Information Research , Fall 2008, Vol. 32 Issue 102, p3-11, 9p

The last word: MLIS: A SCIENCE?: The Need for Scientific Research in Public Libraries. By: Toste, Jeff. Access (1204-0472) , Spring 2011, Vol. 17 Issue 2, p44-44, 1p

Social capital and public libraries: The need for research. By: VĂ„rheim, Andreas. Library & Information Science Research (07408188) , Sep2007, Vol. 29 Issue 3, p416-428, 13p; DOI: 10.1016/j.lisr.2007.04.009

Improving visibility of public libraries in the local community: A study of five public libraries in Zagreb, Croatia. By: Vrana, Radovan; Barbaric, Ana. New Library World , 2007, Vol. 108 Issue 9/10, p435-444, 12p, 8 Charts; DOI: 10.1108/03074800710823962

RESEARCH REPORT ISSUED ON PUBLIC FUNDING. Public Management (00333611). Oct 2008, Vol. 90 Issue 9, p38-39. 2p.

 Research and Markets: Public Library Computer Technology Benchmarks Gives Detailed Data on Library Purchasing and Deployment Plans for Computer Technology By: Research and Markets. Business Wire (English). 05/31/2011.

New Frontiers in Public Library Research. By: Feil, Libby. Public Libraries , Nov/Dec 2007, Vol. 46 Issue 6, p64-64, 2/3p

Libraries And Community Health: New Research Project Launches. Managing Information , 2010, Vol. 17 Issue 1, p59-59, 1/5p

Bite sized research: Community engagement in public libraries. By: Sung, Hui-Yun. Public Library Journal , Winter2010, Vol. 25 Issue 3, p21-21, 1p

New Frontiers in Public Library Research By: Feil, Libby Public Libraries , November/December 2007, Vol. 46 Issue 6, p64-64, 1p



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