Grant Administration - Diversity Research Grants

All the documents and forms you will need to administer your Diversity Research Grant award are accessible below. You are also welcome to correspond directly with your assigned Advisor from the Advisory Committee or to reach staff by emailing or calling 1-800-545-2433 ext. 5048.  Our reporting requirements and the request to produce presentations/articles are geared toward collaborating with you to ensure that your research and the resulting best practices/changes to library services are visible to the professional community.  To that end, we appreciate not only your scholarship but also your willingness to engage staff and Advisory Committee members in creative conversations about how we can utilize your work and assist you in developing accessible products that contribute to innovative outreach, improved services and inclusive organizational climates. 

Interim Performance Reports

Approved projects generally run from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. Researchers are asked to submit interim reports on or around October 15 and February 15.  Interim reports should be no longer than 3 single spaced pages long and use a 12-point font.  Reports should be sent electronically as a pdf to Please use the template below to guide your report. 

Final Performance Reports

Final reports should be 3-5 single-spaced pages long, and use a 12-point font.  Reports should be sent electronically as a pdf to  While not required, we are interested in receiving any products produced with grant funds as attachments, as well as the links to web products in your narrative.  Examples of products include: survey questionnaires; intake or referral forms; libguides; publications or manuscripts; presentations; posters and flyers; curriculum guides, workbooks or other learning resources; and anything else you would like to share.  Attached grant products do not count against the 3-5 page maximum report length.  Please use the template below to guide your report.  

Questions and Requests for Changes

Researchers may request feedback or changes to proposed timeline, budget, or scope at any time through the feedback form below.  Requests submitted via the form are sent to staff and the Diversity Research Grants Advisory Committee.