State Level Data

The Public Libraries and the Internet 2007 survey sampled and received responses from all states and the District of Columbia. The survey did not, however, receive enough responses from all states for analysis purposes. Listed below are links to tables and summary survey data for the states for which there were adequate and representative responses (44 in all, plus the District of Columbia). State for which data could not be fully analyzed include: Colorado, Hawaii, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Minnesota and Washington.

The survey data were weighted to enable state projects. The weighting used was based on three variables:

Metropolitan status of libraries in the state (urban, suburban and rural);

Calculated poverty of the population served by the libraries in the state (less than 20 percent, 20-40 percent, and greater than 40 percent); and

Total number of libraries in the state.

The survey deployed a two-stage approach that included questions regarding sampled outlets (branches) and questions regarding an entire library system. It is noted  in the data below whether responses were gathered at the system or the outlet level. All files are PDF.

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