Public Library Funding Internet Survey Launched


2006 National Survey of Public Library
Funding and Technology Access

The American Library Association, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is collaborating with the Information Use Management and Policy Institute in the College of Information at Florida State University to conduct a national survey of public libraries about their Internet connectivity, computing resources and related funding. To facilitate the development advocacy strategies for public access computer and Internet services, the 2006 survey focuses on the impacts, benefits, and challenges of public computing and Internet access services in public libraries. Denise M. Davis, Director of the ALA Office for Research & Statistics oversees the project, and Drs. John Carlo Bertot and Charles R. McClure lead the project at FSU. More information regarding the overall study is available at

This survey provides, and has provided since 1994, valuable data regarding public library public computing resources; Internet connectivity; bandwidth; Internet service/resource funding and sources; and challenges associated with connectivity and public computing. Such data enable practitioners, policymakers, and researchers to understand the nature, extent, and changes of public library public computing and Internet connectivity. The url for the survey is  There you will find background information on the overall study, previous studies, and be able to complete the current survey.  Data and reports from previous surveys are available at


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