eConsulting Library Solutions

Your library needs to keep up with constant change. How do you make that happen?

You have likely identified areas where you want to make changes, and where you need help doing so. Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your website or enhance your tech offerings, or maybe you’re looking for customer service training for your staff. With budgets and staff stretched thin, it can be tough to keep up.

Whatever your need, eConsulting Library Solutions can help.  Experienced consultants in marketing, web development and design, user experience, customer service, and more, are ready to work with you.

Hiring an in-person consultant is often cost-prohibitive, but consulting services don’t have to break the bank. eConsulting Library Solutions provides the benefits of in-person consulting—access to a subject expert; structured, real-time interaction; and solutions-oriented action steps—without all the expenses. You’ll meet with your consultant virtually using WebEx, where you’ll work together to build solutions through a variety of tools, including live video feeds, screen sharing, whiteboards, collaborative document creation, and real-time interactive software demos.  Whether you’re looking for just a little constructive and practical advice or a major overhaul of your space or services, the eConsulting experts can help you get there.  

Contact us to describe your project and we’ll connect you with a consultant (or consultants) who can work with you to address your library’s needs within your budget. In a free 20-minute intake session, you’ll meet with the consultant to discuss your project, timeline, expectations, and next steps.

Benefits of eConsulting Library Solutions

  • Real-time interaction and access to a subject expert
  • Assistance with your project at a cost, scope, and level of intensity that you decide
  • A custom-tailored plan to address your project’s needs within your library’s resources—both budget and staff
  • Practical solutions-oriented action steps to take your project to the next level

How does eConsulting work?

  1. Contact us at with basic information about your project and related budget.
  2. eConsulting Learning Solutions facilitates a free initial meeting, where you meet with the consultant virtually using WebEx. The consultant will assess your project’s needs and develop a preliminary proposal and quote based on your conversation.
  3. You’ll finalize terms directly with the consultant, including pricing and timeline.
  4. eConsulting Learning Solutions will provide you with an agreement to get the project set up based on the terms you have specified with your consultant.
  5. You work with the consultant toward the successful outcome of your project.

Questions? Contact ALA Publishing eLearning Solutions at