Logo for the National Impact of Library Public Programs Assessment initiative


  • NILPPA White Paper

    his white paper summarizes the status, concerns, and opportunities in library programming. It is available online, and open to comments from from practicing librarians, library educators, partners, volunteers, library attendees and others.
  • January 2014 NILPPA Stakeholder Meeting Summary

    Summary report of January 24, 2014 NILPPA stakeholders meeting in Philadelphia. This meeting included ALA staff and programming librarians who are knowledgeable about the state of public programming in libraries.  The discussion that resulted from this meeting is the subject of this report, and will help shape the framework for a collaboratively designed research project.
  • Meta-Analysis of the ALA Public Programs Office Archives

The ALA Public Programs Office (PPO) has served as a central repository for the collection of data about the status of public programming in libraries. This meta-analysis report documents ALA’s state of knowledge about library public programming, organized by evidence of types of programming, audiences, intended outcomes, and impact.

The scope of materials includes relevant research from the field of library programming, the ALA’s own archival documentation, and a professional opinion survey of 275 programming librarians nationwide.