Naming and Framing Public Issues: A Three-Part Series

The ALA Center for Civic Life and the David Mathews Center for Civic Life offer a free webinar series to help librarians lead their communities in dealing with challenging public issues.

The series is offered in three one-hour sessions:

(For more information on this topic, also see "Convening Forums @ your library: A Four-Part Series" from 2012.)


  • Learn to help lead your community through challenging public issues, 
  • Session 1 teaches you better ways to help people work together to talk about public issues and uncover the deeper concerns of the community.
  • Session 2 teaches you how to apply tools to develop issue maps to help your community weigh options for moving forward together.
  • Session 3 (date TBD) will give participants a chance to share progress, successes and challenges 

Who Should Attend

This program is beneficial for everyone. 


  • Nancy Kranich, lecturer at the Rutgers University School of Communication and Information and founder and convener of the ALA Center for Civic Life 
  • Chris McCauley, executive director of the David Mathews Center
  • Cristin Foster, program director of the David Mathews Center
  • Robert Turner, assistant program director of the David Mathews Center
  • Carolyn Caywood, retired librarian from the Virginia Beach Public Library and fellow at the Hampton Roads Center for Civic Engagement
  • Patty Dineen, contributing editor of the National Issues Forums Institute




How to Register

Tech Requirements

YouTube access and speakers/headphones. 


ALA Public Programs Office (312.280.5040 /

Nancy Kranich at