Rebirth of a Nation: Nationalism and the Civil War

No period of American history has held our fascination over the years like the Civil War. It was a time of great principles and inspired ideals, a time of impassioned rhetoric and heroic acts, and, ultimately, a time of incomparable human suffering and sacrifice. Why did the “perfect Union” envisioned by the Founding Fathers turn on itself and risk self-destruction? What new order emerged from the devastation? And what is the legacy of the Civil War to our own time?

“Rebirth of a Nation” brings to life the issues, the events, and the personalities that divided a nation and led the North and South through war to reconciliation. Through reading and discussion, we have an opportunity to experience the Civil War, to debate and judge for ourselves the merits of the principles the Union and Confederacy fought for so bitterly, and to increase our understanding of the forces that finally bound the nation together.

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The humanities scholar’s essay was written in 1986 by John McCardell, Associate Professor of History at Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont.

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