Not for Children Only: Children’s Classics for Adults

This series offers new and old classics of children’s literature, along with a brief history of how writing for children has evolved over time.

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The humanities scholar’s essay was written in 1984 by Elizabeth R. Baer. Dr. Baer is Associate Dean of Sweet Briar College in Virgina, where she also teaches women’s literature and children’s literature. The following consultants assisted in the title selection and design of the series: Barbara Elleman, coeditor, “Children’s Books,” Booklist; Betsy Hearne, coeditorr, “Children’s Books,” Booklist; Ruth MacDonald, president, Children’s Literature Asssociation, and Assistant Professor of English, Northeastern University; Jeanette Studley, program co-ordinator, Fairfax County Public Library, Virgina; and Jim Trelease, author, The Read-Aloud Handbook; formerly an award-winning artist and journalist for the Springfield (Mass.) Daily News.

How-To Discussion Programming Guides

Developed to aid participants in “The Millennium Project for Public Libraries,” this how-to guide (PDF) provides basic information about developing and promoting book discussion programs.

When planning a “Let’s Talk About It” program, you may wish to consult the planner’s manual (PDF) for general how-to information about program format, selecting a scholar, promoting your series, evaluation, and more.