Liberty and Violence: The Heritage of the French Revolution

To many Americans, the French Revolution is but a distant memory of a barbaric time marked by brutal violence and bearing little relevance to 20th Century life. Yet many of the principles and ideals at the heart of the 1789 uprising are very much alive today. Was the Revolution one of history’s noblest moments, or one of its most atrocious? And what of the dual legacy of liberty and violence left to us today, more than 200 years later? Is contemporary society any more virtuous or less vicious than its forbearers in its zealous pursuit of liberty?

“Liberty and Violence” takes both a short and long view of the philosophies, personalities, and events that transformed 18th-century France into a bastion of human rights through its legislative reforms yet at the same time made a mockery of those rights through a raging program of terror that remains an unfortunate symbol of the Revolution. Through the minds of five distinguished authors, whose opinions sometimes conflict, we have the opportunity to see anew the opposing forces that gave birth to a new concept of the Rights of Man, one whose very principles form the basis of many modern governments.

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