Land of Opportunity

The story of the championship racehorse Seabiscuit as told by Laura Hillenbrand is the story of the American Dream realized. The central figures—the horse, the trainer, the jockey, and the owner—seemed destined for ordinary lives—for obscurity, if not for failure. Yet they came together in the gloomy years of the Great Depression and through a combination of determination, perseverance, and previously unrealized talent, they achieved greatness and captured the hearts of people worldwide.

But, of course, all American stories do not end happily. The images drawn from the Picturing America collection as well as the books selected for the Land of Opportunity series explore the extent to which we have fulfilled the promise of America.

This theme is part of the Let’s Talk About It: Picturing America series. Other themes in this series include Making Tracks, Objects of Art, Places in the Heart, and The Work of Freedom: Individual and Communal.

Book List

Related Picturing America Images

  • 3A—The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere by Grant Wood
  • 3B—George Washington by Gilbert Stuart
  • 4A—Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze
  • 4B—Benjamin Franklin by Hiram Powers
  • 7A—Ohio State Capital by Thomas Cole and others
  • 7B—The County Election, 1852 by George Caleb Bingham
  • 9B—Abraham Lincoln by Alexander Gardner
  • 10A—Robert Shaw Memorial by Augustus Saint-Gaudens
  • 11A—John Biglin in a Single Scull by Thomas Eakins
  • 12B—Allies Day, May 1917 by Childe Hassam
  • 14A—The Boating Party by Mary Cassatt
  • 14B—Brooklyn Bridge, c. 1919–1920 by Joseph Stella
  • 15A—American Landscape, 1930
  • 15B—The Chrysler Building, 1926–1930 by William Van Alen
  • 17A—The Migration Series by Jacob Lawrence
  • 17B—The Dovebu Romare Bearden
  • 18A—The Sources of Country Music by Thomas Hart Benton
  • 18B—Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange
  • 19A—Freedom of Speech by Norman Rockwell 

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