Let's Talk About It Discussion and Themes

Let's Talk About It Logo"We humanize what is going on in the world and in ourselves only by speaking of it and in the course of speaking of it, we learn to be human." -- Hannah Arendt, Men in Dark Times

Program Materials

The "Let's Talk About It" program is more than a book discussion model. It is a multi-faceted way to experience a directed examination of contemporary life and culture through literature. The readings are selections from our culture's most outstanding works and consist of novels, plays, fairy tales, biographies and short stories.

Libraries interested in hosting a "Let's Talk About It" series using a past theme of the ALA "Let's Talk About It" program, can download each of the themes listed below, the following materials:

  • summary of the theme
  • book list
  • humanities scholar's essay on the theme
  • annotations of the book list which illuminate the theme
  • supplementary texts with brief summaries
  • how-to discussion programming guide

The Themes

Grant Information

Grants for these series are not available through ALA at this time. Programming Librarian's grant funding sources lists several funding organizations that may be useful.

Gentle Reminder about Copyright

The American Library Association is the copyright owner of all the essays and annotations associated with the "Let's Talk About It" themes listed above. The credit lines embedded in the program materials and/or sponsor and funder logos must remain on all published (print and web) materials derived from these "Let's Talk About It" themes.