Lewis & Clark and the Indian Country Traveling Exhibition

lewis & clark

“Lewis & Clark and the Indian Country” is a traveling exhibition based upon a larger exhibition of the same name developed by the Newberry Library external link , Chicago. The American Library Association (ALA) Public Programs Office, in collaboration with the Newberry Library and the National Endowment for the Humanities external link , with additional support from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign external link , is sponsoring this exhibition for hosting by public and academic libraries, nationwide.

The exhibit will bring public audiences a new set of ideas about the encounters of Native Americans with the United States Corps of Discovery between 1804 and 1806, and will trace the dramatic impact of those encounters during the subsequent two centuries. Exhibit visitors will be offered unique opportunities to explore the “Indian Country” as it existed at the beginning of the nineteenth century; to glimpse the variety of relationships Native peoples and the Lewis and Clark party forged with one another; to view the impact of the American presence on the Indian Country; and to reflect on the efforts of contemporary reservation communities to support and sustain the Indian Country and its remarkable cultures in the twenty-first century.

Libraries selected for the tour will host the 1,000 square foot exhibition for a six-week period. Participating libraries are expected to present at least two free public programs featuring a lecture or discussion by a qualified scholar on exhibition themes. All showings of the exhibition will be free and open to the public.

Lewis & Clark and the Indian Country was on display at the Newberry Library from September 28, 2005, through January 14, 2006. Find information about the programs presented at the Newberry in connection with this exhibition.

The Newberry Library also has a virtual exhibition of Lewis & Clark and the Indian Country.

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