Great Stories CLUB: Frequently Asked Questions

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  • If my library received a previous Great Stories Club grant (Challenges, Choices, Breaking Boundaries, and/or New Horizons themes), may we apply again?
    Yes. In fact, if the Great Stories Club has become part of a successful ongoing program at your library, you may wish to mention this in your narrative.  However, if your library received a Great Stories Club grant, but did not submit a final report to ALA, your application will not be eligible until the report has been received.
  • Must libraries give the Great Stories Club books away to teens? 
    Yes. The library may keep up to one copy of each title for the library collection, and provide up to one copy for the discussion leader. All other Great Stories Club books must be gifted to teens to keep as their own. If you cannot fulfill this program requirement, please contact Lainie Castle at 312-280-5055 to discuss options for meeting the grant terms.
  • May a library apply for more than one Great Stories Club grant?
    Yes. A single library may conduct multiple Great Stories Club programs in the same community, provided that appropriate partnerships are in place. For example, if your library would like to conduct one program with an area alternative school, and another program with the department of juvenile justice, you may apply for two grants. With questions about applying for multiple grants, please contact
  • How were the books chosen?
    The Outreach to Young Adults with Special Needs Committee of the Young Adult Services Association (YALSA) selected the theme and titles.
  • Will ALA substitute other books that are not on the Great Stories Club “Second Chances” reading list at our request?
    No. If you experience problems with any of the titles on the Great Stories Club reading list during the grant term, you will need to purchase an alternate, theme-related title at the library’s expense. If this is not possible, all books must be returned to ALA in unused condition. Failure to comply with these grant requirements may negatively impact the library’s eligibility to receive future grants from the ALA Public Programs Office.
  • Will only successful applicants receive notification about the outcome of the application? 
    No. All applicants will be notified by ALA, regardless of the outcome of their applications. Libraries will be notified via e-mail by December 20, 2010. If your library has not received notification by the stated date, please contact ALA at 312-280-5287 or


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