John Adams Tour Itinerary

“Johns Adams Unbound” Online Site Support Notebook

Important exhibit display information:
The first date of your exhibit display period is a Wednesday. This is the last day for the shipper to deliver the exhibit to you. Please do not plan programs on Wednesday, and we recommend not scheduling programs on Thursday in case of unforeseen—and rare—delivery problems. The last date in your exhibition period is a Friday, which should be the closing date for the exhibition (you may close the exhibit earlier if you wish). Because there is limited time available to get the exhibition from one site to another, libraries should have the exhibition dismantled and ready for pick–up on the Monday after the exhibition closes. This does not mean the shipper will always pick up the exhibit on Monday, but the exhibit should be ready to go on Monday morning.


January 21–March 6
New Brunswick Free Public Library
New Brunswick, NJ

March 18–May 1
Minerva Public Library
Minerva, OH

May 13–June 26
Nashville Public Library
Nashville, TN

July 8–August 21
Oakton Community College Library
Des Plaines, IL

September 2–October 16
Illinois State University Milner Library
Normal, IL

October 28–December 11
Drake University Cowles Library
Des Moines, IA

December 23–February 19, 2010
Aurora Public Library
Aurora, CO


March 3–April 16
Colorado State University Pueblo, University Library
Pueblo, CO

April 28–June11
Benicia Public Library
Benicia, CA

June 23–August 6
Multnomah County Library
Portland, OR

August 18–October 8
Watertown Regional Library
Watertown, SD

October 20–December 17
Kansas City Public Library
Kansas City, MO


January 5–February 18
Florida Atlantic University Libraries
Boca Raton, FL

March 2–April 15
Bevill State Community College, Nicholson Library Jasper Campus
Jasper, AL

April 27–June10
Martinsburg Berkeley County Public Libraries
Martinsburg, WV

June 22–August 5
Loutit District Library
Grand Haven, MI

August 17–September 30
Middle Tennessee State University Walker Library
Murfreesboro, TN

October 12–December 2
State University of New York, College at Brockport, Drake Memorial Library
Brockport, NY

December 14–February 17, 2012
Sachem Public Library
Holbrook, NY


February 29–April 13
Thomas Crane Public Library
Quincy, MA