A Number of Children's and Young Adult Books as well as Audiobooks and Ebooks

In the newest edition of the Library and Book Trade Almanac   (formerly known as The Bowker Annual Library and Book Trade Almanac) put out by Information Today, Inc., the annual report on book title production now includes audiobook and ebook numbers.

Contributing Editor Catherine Barr and Constance Harbison of book wholesaler Baker & Taylor compiled the report,  titled, “Book Title Output and Average Prices:  2008-2011,” which appears on pages 514–529 of the 2012 (57th) edition.

Barr and Harbison note in the introduction:

The figures for this edition of the Library and Book Trade Almanac were provided by book wholesaler Baker & Taylor and are based on the Book Industry Study Group’s BISAC categories. The BISAC juvenile category (fiction and nonfiction) has been divided into children’s (pre K-6) and young adult (YA; grades 7–12). Figures for 2010 have been restated, reflecting late updates to the Baker & Taylor database.

For more information on the BISAC categories, visit http://www.bisg.org.

This year we have added a new table covering ebooks, with historical data going back to 2008.

For further details as to methodology, you can contact Catherine Barr via Bogart & Barr. Connie Harbison can be contacted via the Book Industry Study Group.

According to “Table 1 / American Book Production, 2007–2011,” on page 515, the 2011 number of children's titles published is 20,127 and the 2011 number of young adult titles published is 4,905.

According to “Table 6 / Audiobook Average Per-Volume Prices, 2008-2011,” on pages 526–527, the 2011 number of children’s audiobook titles published is 968 and the 2011 number of young adult audiobook titles published is 960.

According to “Table 7 / Ebook Average Per-Volume Prices, 2008–2011, on pages 528–529, the 2011 number of children's ebook titles published is 11,980 and the 2011 number of young adult ebook titles published is 2,324.