We developed five personas to help library staff connect with resources that reflect their own computational thinking (CT) experiences, communities, goals, and interests. Get started with the collection by selecting the persona that best matches you.


First Time Around

Good to Go


Connecting Interests

Family Focused

  “Help! This is the scariest thing I’ve ever had to do for my job.” “I’m excited to learn and have community volunteers to support me - just point me in the right direction! “I want to share my passion for computer science with all students.” “I know that if I can connect CT to what teens are interested in, they will gain skills for college and career success.” “I want to keep learning about how to support the needs of young children and families in the community.”
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Bio A youth services librarian is just getting started with computational thinking and is not sure if this type of activity is something the library should include in their services for children and families. A library director in a rural tribal community wants to offer computational thinking activities and needs to rely heavily on community member volunteers to help with the work. A school librarian has experience with computational thinking and is looking for ways to recruit youth who don’t usually attend their afterschool activities. A librarian has a chance to partner with a local not-for-profit organization but before getting started they want to make sure they are familiar with the interests of the youth who will participate. A children’s librarian is looking for information on how to get started incorporating CS and CT into their work.
Type of library Urban public library Rural, tribal public library Suburban school library Suburban public library Suburban public library
Experience with CT None None A lot Some A little
Favorite part of the job Engaging with young children in storytime Working with the community to design and implement quality library services Inspiring the next generation of problem solvers and innovators Expanding learning opportunities for all youth in the community Working with families to build literacy skills of young children

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