Webinars & Continuing Education

icon representing digital contentALA offers many Webinars to help you learn about the digital transformations occurring in libraries. Please join us for these classes to help you be  well informed on issues surrounding Ebooks and Digital Content. For more webinars to help with the wider issues of transforming your library please go to the "Continuing Education" link above.

PLA On-Demand Webinar: E-Books 101 – A Look at Devices, Platforms, and Training Ideas (Spring 2012).

PLA On-Demand Webinar: E-Books and Customer Service at Your Library (Spring 2012).

PLA On-Demand Webinar: E-Books and Libraries: What’s Next? (Spring 2012).

PLA On-Demand Webinar: Stretching Your Library’s E-Books Budget (Spring 2012).

PLA On-Demand Webinar - Check Out E-Readers! Sacramento Public Library Did It and You Can Too! (Spring 2012).

ALCTS Webinar: The Art of Selecting Digital Content to Preserve: What digital content do we have, and what is worth preserving? (October 10, 2012)

ALCTS Webinar: The Role of Long-Term Storage in Digital Curation: Introduces considerations for the long-term storage of digital content selected for preservation. (November 14, 2012)

ALCTS Webinar: Preserving Your Personal Digital Photographs: Learn about the nature of the problem and hear about some simple, practical tips and tools to help you keep your digital photos safe. (April 26, 2012 / on-demand)

ALCTS Webinar: Steps in a Digital Preservation Workflow: This presentation will outline generic considerations and processes for building and managing a digital preservation workflow. (March 7, 2012/ on-demand)

ALCTS E-Forum: Data Access and Management: The Library’s Role: This e-forum will discuss the collections aspect of hosting large data files, the acquisitions aspect of “accessioning” materials requiring no shelving or payment, and the technical services aspect of sharing responsibilities with reference. (March 26, 2012/ on-demand)

ALCTS E-Forum: Digital Preservation: This e-forum will explore how digital preservation impacts each department, and will ask participants to discuss what policy and technology steps their library has taken to steward digital objects over time. (January 19, 2011/ on-demand)

YALSA Webinars on Demand: Reading Unbound: E-Readers and Your Library; Going Mobile: Teens, Libraries and Cell Phones; Tech 4 U: Technology Programs for Every User; From 140 Characters to 10 Pages: Teens, Social Media and Information Literacy.

Book as iPad App: Multimedia, Multi-Touch E-Books and their Future in Librarie (October 15, 2012)

Building the Digital Branch: Designing Effective Library Websites (October 10, 2012)

Using Social Media and Mobile Technology to Engage Teens (November 12-15. 2012)

Open Access and Your Publications: What's Copyright Got to Do with It? (October 24, 2012)

Open Source Software for Libraries: How it Works; What it Can do for You (October 15, 2012)

Reference Through Social Media: Developing Standards, Guidelines, and Policies (Octer 29, 2012)

PLA On-Demand Webinar: Screentastic! Using Screencasting as a Reference and Customer Service Tool (July 18, 2012)