EBooks and Digital Content are easily accessible, but this makes them susceptible to piracy. Learn about the debate surrounding illegal downloads, DRM, and the impact on libraries from a variety of perspectives.

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  1. 2011 Survey of Book -Buying Behavior  (Jan 19, 2012)Survey of book buying behavior with over 2000 respondents on over 5,000 websites. Includes interesting information about piracy rates.

  2. ZDNet - “Scorned Librarians and the eBook Piracy Underground”  (March 2, 2011) ZDNet says that piracy of eBooks is a big concern of publishers, and the ability to check out eBooks from libraries, or lend Kindle titles to friends, may be steps toward keeping piracy in check. But they say “publishing relic” HarperCollins doesn’t see it that way.

  3. Social Science Research Council – “Media Piracy in Emerging Economies” (2011)While this study does not specifically address book piracy, it includes a statement that book piracy will be of growing concern in the future.

  Author’s Point of View

  1. The Bookseller – “No Breakthrough Over Author E-Book Rights in France Ahead of Fair”  (March 17, 2011)French authors are deadlocked with publishes over e-book royalties.

  2. Neil Gaiman (March 10, 2011) Gaiman says he used to be worried about piracy until he figured out that it actually helped his sales, and that a majority of his audiences say that they often find a new author from a free copy of a book and then go on to purchase more of that author’s titles.

  3. Andre Codrescu  (March 7, 2011) Codrescu hates the idea that digital books may include margin notes and markups from many readers. Each reader deserves a fresh copy.

  4. Sisters in Crime – “Must Have Digital Rights Clauses" (March 1, 2011) This organization of crime writers publishes 9 clauses that authors should make sure their contracts include.

  5. Cory Doctorow  (Feb 25, 2011) Libraries should tell publishers it’s DRM-free or nothing.

  6. Margaret Atwood (Feb 16, 2011)In her keynote address at the Tools of Change Conference, she warns publishers not to kill off their authors by reducing their income to the point that they can’t buy the cheese sandwiches that they live on. (Video).

  7. Authors Guild – “The eBook Royalty Mess: an Interim Fix” For the first time, publishers have an incentive to work against the author’s interests. This article includes specific breakdowns of publisher profits and author royalties for several titles, and says that authors are being demoted from full partnership in profits.

  8. Neil Gaiman on Copyright Piracy and the Web - Video (Feb 3, 2011)

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