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Web Resources

100 Free Library 2.0 Webinars and Tutorials A collection of free web resources for library leaders to help themselves and other librarians become comfortable with web technologies. Caveat: the web bibliography is a few years old, so some links are broken. However, definitely worth checking out!

Bibliography of Research on Social Network Sites This extensive bibliography cotnains over 500 entries.

Library 2.0 Map Visually explains what  makes a transformed library

Point, Click and Learn: Flickr & Libraries, October 2006 online slideshow by Michael Sauers aka travelinlibrarian

Social Media, Libraries, and Web 2.0: How American Libraries Are Using New Tools for Public Relations and to Attract New Users –– Third Survey A slide show put together by South Carolina State Library

Twitter Basics for Librarians A step-by-step guide to signing up for Twitter. This guide provides instructions at the most basic level, so any one can use.

Visualizing the Flow of My Library’s Information Online This blog post discusses the importance of library's having a social media policy and plan. The comments are worth reading as other librarians have shared their social media policies and opinions on the matter.


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Older adults and internet use  This PEW report proclaims technology is not limited to the young any more.

"Pew: generations and their gadgets". Stephen’sLighthouse, Feb. 7, 2011.

Survey of Library & Museum Digitization Projects, 2011 Edition. Primary Research Group, December 2010.

For Those Facebook Left Behind This New York Times article is slightly older, but it provides a good comprehensive review of social media to those who are entirely unfamiliar with the technology and the different varieties.

Should Your Library Have a Social Media Policy?  A School Library Journal article  which discusses both the success and the pitfalls of social media. This article looks at how social media affects your libraries image as well as ensuring compliance with other areas of library policy.

Tags Help Make Libraries Del.icio.us This slightly olders Library Journal article provides useful insight into how Del.icio.us can benefit libraries.

What is Web 2.0? Ideas, technologies and implications for education This peer-reviewed report explains the evolution of the web and what 'Web 2.0' really means.

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Social Media Groups

Flickr: Libraries and Librarians Group - List of Libraries with Flickr Accounts - Online photo-sharing site - The comments are in reverse chronological order. Great resource to see how other libraries are using their Flickr accounts.

Libraries on Twitter Lists the twitter accounts of Libraries. A great way to find other libraries to follow, and stay connected with major library institutions.

Facebook | Libraries Using Facebook Pages This facebook group explores the way to use facebook pages to the advantage of libraries.

Librarians and Facebook Group on Facebook A group for those librarians interested in the implementation of Facebook

Library 2.0 Interest Group on Facebook,  Facebook group for those interested in the Library 2.0 movement  


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Further Information

sites as identified and tagged - General tags relating to Library 2.0 tools

http://del.icio.us/alalibrary/libblogger_list - library blogs

http://del.icio.us/alalibrary/libnetvideo - Library video podcasts/video blogs (sometimes called vodcasts, vlogs, or videocasts)

http://del.icio.us/alalibrary/libpodcasts - Library podcasts

http://del.icio.us/alalibrary/libwiki_list - library wikis

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Issues of privacy frequently come up in discussions of technology use in libraries. These selected resources can help address these issues.

The Privacy Problem: Although school librarians seldom discuss it, students’ privacy rights are under attack Interesting article from School Library Journal discussing the grey areas around privacy issues.

Privacy and Freedom of Information in 21st-Century Libraries In this issue of Library Technology Reports, the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom assembled an all-star cast of writers to explore  the challenges to privacy that ongoing shifts in technology have created, and how librarians can address them.

Rowell, Laurie. 2009. "Writing the Rules of Digital Privacy - Defining How the Rules Should Be Drawn, Even the Least Paranoid Would Want to Store Personal Data in a "Safe-Deposit Box," Granting Third-Party Application Providers Access Based Only on Mutually Agreed Terms". NetWorker. 13, no. 2: 20.

Weiss, Aaron. 2009. "A Digital Trail Is Forever - Unlike the Wakes We Leave in Air and Water, the Fingerprints and Footprints We Leave in Our Data Trails Are Marked in Permanent Ink. So, Where Have You Been Lately?" NetWorker. 13, no. 2: 14.

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