Mobile Access Options

icon indicating Digital Content pageSelection of links to additional information about software and applications to allow reading of digital materials on hardware other than E-readers


  1. McKiernan, Gerry. "The Mobile Lucky 7: A Brief Summary." Searcher: 16-21. (July-August 2011)The author critiques seven epublishers, including Alexander Street Press, Cengage Learning, EBSCO Publishing, and NewspaperDirect, Inc., looking at features such as mobile access options and device/platform choices.

  2. McDermott, Irene. "Internet Express." Searcher: 8-11. (July-August 2011)The author investigates whether the iPad2 can prove valuable within the library environment for staff and patrons alike. She provides a useful list of reference apps available on the iPad2.

Popular eBook Apps

  1. Comparison iOS e-book reader software  A chart and coinciding information about which e-reader apps are supported on ios reading devices including the iPad.

  2. Comparison of Android e-book reader software  Charts displaying what e-reader apps are supported on android platforms and discusses the relevant features of the software.

  3. Best of Apps and Enhanced Books (August 1, 2012) Reviews of apps and enhanced digital books for kids.

  4. Overdrive (August 7, 2012 ) App that lets you download eBooks from libraries.

  5. Top 5 mainstream eReader apps for Android (Jan 29, 2012)We are going to take a look at some of the best mainstream e-reader apps out there and tell you a bit about them.