Licensing Models

icon indicating Digital Content pageSelected items to further the discussion about licensing of digital content and ebooks

EBook Business Models for Public Libraries -ALA Digital Content and Libraries Working Group  (August 8, 2012) A business model essential is the library’s ability to retain a copy of an ebook file, lend an ebook, and transfer the ebook to another platform.  Beyond this principle, what other attributes would libraries consider in a licensing arrangement with publishers?

Buntrock, Bob. "The Better Mousetrap." Searcher: 42-45. Print. (July-August 2011) This article explores ownership of e-resources, focusing on what has become the contentious issue of ejournals and other electronic periodicals.

Harris, Lesley Ellen.  Licensing Digital Content: A practical guide for librarians.  Chicago: American Library Association. (2002) This book outlines steps to licensing digital content.  This is a good starting point for librarians who are unfamiliar with the process.  Some of the subjects covered are deciding when to license, important contract clauses, and the negotiation process.