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First 30 Days: Getting Started
Getting Started


Why dialogue and deliberation (D&D)?

What can D&D do for my community?

How do I start?

Engagement Streams Framework

A tool for navigating the range of dialogue & deliberation approaches to determine what will be most useful for your goals, purposes, or topics

Help librarians determine what kind of dialogue process will best suit their needs



Get the Engagement Streams Framework (LINK)

NCDD (National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation) Members Map A map of NCDD members across the country Help librarians find facilitators and people trained in public engagement design and process



Get the NCDD Members Map (LINK)
Goals of D&D Graphic A graphic depicting the four goals of dialogue and deliberation


Quick visual to determine your goals for a D&D process, in order to tailor process accordingly Get the Goals of D&D Graphic (LINK)
Principles for Public Engagement Compiled list of public engagement principles from several different sources


Several different lists of principles, which can be used to set ground rules for a D&D process Get Principles for Public Engagement (LINK)
Conditions for Successful D&D List of conditions that increase the likelihood a D&D process will be a success


Gives several conditions to improve the possibility that the D&D process will be successful Get Conditions for Successful D&D (LINK)
60-90 Days: Sharing What You Learn
Digging Deeper


Core Principles for Public Engagement A tool to help distinguish the fundamental parts of quality public engagement Gives clear guidelines on how to create quality public engagement opportunities


Get Core Principles for Public Engagement (LINK)


  Running a D&D Program Steps for organizing a D&D program Provides 11 steps to design a D&D program that works for the specific needs of the group. This is helpful if you want to go a bit more in-depth with your plans and goals.


Get Running a D&D Program (LINK)


  Designing a D&D Process An article that offers guidelines to design better public participation processes Outlines 12 design guidelines to create better engagement processes


Get Designing a D&D Process (LINK)



These resources are offered as part of Libraries Transforming Communities (LTC): Models for Change, an initiative of the American Library Association (ALA) and National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD) that seeks to strengthen libraries' roles as core community leaders and agents of change. LTC: Models for Change is made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).