Leadership in Libraries: A Focus on Ethnic-minority Librarians

Leadership in Libraries: A Focus on Ethnic-minority Librarians Maha Kumaran

As our communities grow more diverse, leadership positions in the library must reflect the changing makeup of our culture. This important book highlights the need to expand traditional views of leadership positions to embrace minorities. Aimed at anyone interested in cross-cultural leadership, it both gives real-world examples of the particular challenges facing minorities and provides those in the dominant culture with tools to understand their own role in maintaining the status quo. Probing library school programs and their efforts to develop leadership skills among librarians in general, and among minority librarians in particular, author Kumaran introduces the concept of ethnic-minority leadership, defining it in terms of culture, profession, and gender. She then profiles several successful minority leaders in different fields and offers statistical data on minorities and librarians in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia. An engaging and valuable sourcebook for keeping pace with changing cultures, this book addresses a topic important for any librarian working toward becoming a leader.