Gaming and Libraries Update: Broadening the Intersections

Gaming and Libraries Update: Broadening the Intersections Jenny Levine

In this issue of Library Technology Reports, Levine adds to the growing body of content documenting gaming and libraries.

In her previous Gaming & Libraries: Learning Lessons from the Intersections, Levine identified the various gaming and videogame-related activities occurring in libraries — public, school, and college — as well as explained gaming activities outside the library domain. In this issue, Levine focuses on services libraries are implementing through case studies of nine innovators in the field of videogames, each of whom spent 2007 taking gaming in libraries in new directions.

Levine is a keen advocate for gaming services and libraries, as she is a gamer and has witnessed, through personal observation and study, how gaming services can help members of several generations (particularly younger users) feel connected to the library. “Gaming,” she concludes, “provides a wealth of service intersections for libraries today and for the libraries of the future. And that future is all about opportunities and weaving together threads, both old and new.”

Contributors include Scott Nicholson, Associate Professor, Information Institute, Syracuse Univ. and founder of Board Games with Scott; and Eli Neiburger, author of Gamers… in the Library?! The Why, What and How of Videogame Tournaments for All Ages