Viewing the Future - "Uncovering the Grammar of VR" with Saschka Unseld

I came across this video via Wired’s recent article, “How a Pixar Vet Is Shaping the Future of VR Storytelling.”
Coinciding with the Oculus Connect 2 conference in California this past week, virtual reality has been all over the news, including coverage of the Oculus and Samsung partnership, Gear VR, and the introduction of 360-degree video to Facebook.
This interview with Saschka Unseld, head of Oculus Story Studio, is a preview for his presentation at the upcoming Future of Storytelling Summit in October. 

Saschka Unseld - Uncovering the Grammar of VR from Future Of StoryTelling on Vimeo.

It’s an interesting look at how one of our oldest traditions – storytelling – adapts to the new and emerging technology of virtual reality. Immersive VR stories will no doubt become very popular with users. VR makes stories a mix of film and choose your-own-adventure. Unseld calls it “audience-aware storytelling.”
Towards the end of the video Unseld strings together a progression of technologies – book to film to virtual reality. “A book works through inner monologue. You read what a character thinks. In a film you understand a character through his actions. And in VR I think you understand the story more through how you feel in a situation.” I don’t know how much we can agree with his assessment, but it’s a thought-provoking challenge to consider of how each new technology will change users’ relationships to narrative.