Viewing the Future - Wired's "9 MIT Media Lab Innovations that Changed the Future"

In just a few weeks, ALA's 2016 Midwinter Meeting is taking us to Boston, a city that has built a reputation for innovation.

This video from Wired reminds us that some of the most innovative work in Boston has been housed at the MIT Media Lab. Recounting nine innovations from the Media Labs' last thirty years, founding director Nicholas Negroponte and current director Joi Ito look at how the Media Lab's innovations have influenced current products and how they will continue to shape the future.

I keep thinking about Joi Ito's summation of the Media Lab's most important work - "More important than anything, we’re creating a new way of thinking about innovation and a new way of thinking about designing things. We don’t do things that other people would do. We find a lot of opportunity in the spaces between or beyond existing disciplines.That’s going to be tremendously important as we get into a world that’s very complex and where everything is connected together.”